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My vision is to get $20 million sponsorship deals – FKF President Nick Mwendwa

The head of Kenya’s FA reveals they are still in talks with various entities in a bid to bring them on board and partner with clubs

Football Kenya Federation (FKF) President Nick Mwendwa has revealed his target while in the office is to secure more sponsors for the Kenyan Premier League (KPL).

Mwendwa, who is seeking a second four-year term, stated his wish is to see the league secures more financial partners. FKF has already secured BetKing as the title sponsor for the next five seasons.

“I am glad to announce to you that FKF has managed to secure a record sponsorship worth KSh1.2 billion,” Mwendwa told reporters on Thursday.

“You know our players have struggled for the last year, now as we approach taking over the running of the FKF Premier League we wanted to have a sponsor on board.

“The sponsorship starts from $2.2 in year one and then increases by 10 per cent in the subsequent years.

“In our view, this means at least every KPL team will get KSh8 million which is also a new record for our clubs.

“During my time the vision is to reach $20 million sponsorship deals and we are still talking to other sponsors and hopefully they will come on board.”

Mwendwa further explained how the league will be run from next season as the federation takes charge.

“We want to be very clear, the league will be run by FKF and will be run from the Goal Project [FKF Offices], and there is no more paying rent. The money we were using to pay rent will go to the clubs,” he added.

“KPL’s term will end in September and we are hopeful the league can resume in October when the president will end the existing curfew.”

Confirming that teams will have the leverage on how to use the funds, Mwendwa stated the first deposit from BetKing will hit their accounts in a week.

“We have signed the contract and actually in the next seven days we shall receive the deposit payment which I will ask clubs what they want to do with it,” the FKF official explained.

“This is not a joke anymore as our vision is to get to $5 million dollars in five years, maybe in future, we will beat even the best leagues in Africa.

“In the middle of politics, sponsors have come to us and want to put money into football.

“The teams will decide how to spend the first money from sponsors. We will not sit and watch clubs suffer as we will continue to look for more sponsors.”

In 2019, FKF secured Betika as the sponsor for the National Super League and Mwendwa believes KPL’s struggle will end with the arrival of the new betting firm.

“It’s as embarrassing we had sponsorship for NSL and we did not have the same for KPL, now all this is a thing of the past,” he concluded.

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Mwendwa further stated clubs will form the FKF Premier League Board as well as a disciplinary committee which will be mandated to run the league as well.

He also said the fee from KPL to FKF which is normally around KSh12 million will be channelled to the Women’s Premier League.

The official BetKing sponsorship deal launch is expected to be done in September.

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