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Mwendwa ‘cleaning 30-year-old dirt created by old men at FKF’

The federation chief was hitting out at some of his opponents for an election that has not been held despite two attempts to do so

Football Kenya Federation (FKF) president Nick Mwendwa has claimed he has used most of his time to clean the mess that was created by his predecessors.

Mwendwa was elected in 2016 to succeed Sam Nyamweya and has again hit out at the former official for putting the federation in a tight spot over numerous cases.

“I want to revive football, the old men making noise are the ones who ruined our football in the last 30 years. Some were in Cecafa and even organising the body was a problem for them,” Mwendwa told NTV.

“We have settled the Adel Amrouche case mutually and we have also agreed on how we are going to sort out Bobby Williamson’s issue. That means the debts and cases we have had with the previous coaches have been dealt with.

“The old men put FKF in a big debt situation but I am happy we have solved them. Some 45% of our budgets have been used to clear these debts, you cannot imagine.”

Mwendwa was also not impressed by the fact the FKF has been dragged into the Sports Disputes Tribunal (SDT) over the last years following the decisions they have made like cancelling the Premier League.

The mandatory elections have also not been conducted since late 2019 due to a case at the SDT.

“These men are used to court cases and in every year, during their time, they used to handle like 10 cases. There is one among them that if there would be no case, he might even go and sue himself because he is so much used to court drama,” Mwendwa added.

“The old men went to the tribunal in October and won the case as the elections were cancelled. They did it for the second time and I can tell you they are not willing to see the elections held.

“They just want to take wine at Karen and destabilise our football. That is the only thing they want.

“We are the only federation that has suffered election cancellation twice and the contestants are again at the court pleading that it be cancelled again.

“They were here for 30 years, did nothing and have no reason why they even did not present their papers for clearance.

“They are too old to understand anything to do with our current football and surprisingly, some do not have requisite papers like the certificate of good conduct to be cleared for election.

“We have 88 delegates who are going to vote and I am sure some contestants are going to get no votes at all. We are just politely telling them to leave matters football to us.”



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