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David Beckham wants to have ‘amazing food’ in India

The iconic footballer revealed that he is looking forward to visiting India to taste the country’s ‘amazing’ cuisine…

English football legend David Beckham has listed India is one of the travel destinations on his wishlist. 

The global icon of the sport, in an online chat forum related to fitness, revealed the things he would love to do whenever he visits the country.

“I must admit there are quite a few things that I would love to do when I visit India. Obviously, culturally it is incredible, the people are amazing and there are so many things to see. And I am a big foodie as well so to eat some great food in different places would be a real passion of mine,” said the former England captain.

The former Manchester United and Real Madrid star, who is a passionate foodie, also said that he wishes to taste Indian cuisines.

David Beckham Manchester United

“Also I ride motorbikes and I have heard that it is the most amazing place to ride bikes so that would probably be my dream. My dream would be to ride my bike, go to an amazing restaurant or an amazing village that makes amazing food. So that would be my dream.”

While sharing his fitness mantra as a player, Beckham revealed that he got into doing Pilates while he was playing for AC Milan.

“I used to do a lot of Pilates when I was playing in Milan. They believed in it and it was a great thing that the players did and that is something I have really got into.”

David Beckham represented the English national team in 109 international matches and scored 17 goals in a career that spanned a total of 13 years (1997 to 2010). He is currently the owner of Major League Soccer (MLS) club Inter Miami. 


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